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Unless otherwise stated, all bassoons listed have received a pre-sale assessment undertaken by our specialist technicians to ensure they are in the best possible condition.

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Image Reference Make Description Price Status

Waterhouse Collection

 -  3 instruments.
BN10413a BN10413a Heckel 5xxx World System (built 1921)
A World System bassoon, but with a profusion of duplicated tone holes and additional trill keys. In simple terms, the wing and boot are German system with addition of French keys; long is French with addition of German keys; French-looking bell is a compromise, having two tone holes. This very complicated bassoon has a total of 25 spatulas and one ring key, ultimately controlling 29 tone holes and vents, plus crook vent. Sold as seen, no crook, in good condition, previously restored and colour lightened, chrome-plated. From the William Waterhouse Collection. Plays at A=440
£15,000.00 Available
BN10414a BN10414a Heckel 4xxx World System (built 1907)
In order to penetrate the British and American markets, where the French system was well entrenched at the time, Heckel developed from 1900 several “World System” models, of which this is an early example. The key system is similar to that of the French bassoon with a few modifications. However, in respect of bore, and placement and size of tone holes, the instrument remained essentially German in character. A chart of 1911 gives a range up to a’’-flat. The wing and descending bore of the butt are lined with hard rubber. The bell has a French style contour with metal ring. The dark varnish, when new, would have approximated the look of a French rosewood bassoon. On the long joint, repairs may have been carried out to the lower tenon and to the D hole. Sold as seen, no crook. From the William Waterhouse Collection.
£5,000.00 Available
BN10415a BN10415a Heckel 4xxx (built 1907)
Ringed maple, stained dark brown. German silver keys and fittings. Standard Heckel key system. The butt incorporates two of Wilhelm Heckel’s improvements of 1901: (a) an improved U-bend bow, fixed by spring clips instead of the earlier sliding model, which had been liable to leak; (b) improved G key action by means of rod connection. Further refinements dating from 1901–7, which have since become standardised, include (c) c-sharp – d-sharp trill mechanism by means of a ring key for L3; (d) a ring-key mechanism for R1 to improve the intonation of g, (e) an improved mechanism for the RT B-flat key, and (f) re-sited tone hole for the RT A-flat key. Lloyd, Heckel’s agent for Great Britain and the colonies since 1876, supplied instruments at “English” pitch at this time for £30. This one was used at a Manchester theater for many years, until the change-over to flat pitch in the 1930s; Pitch is A=450-455. Sold as seen, no crook. From the William Waterhouse Collection
£3,500.00 Available

Professional Bassoons

 -  12 instruments.

Top quality instruments for professional and aspiring professional bassoonists

BN10335a BN10335a Heckel 10XXX
This fine example of a 10000 series Heckel has been professionally played in London until recently. We have fully re-padded and serviced it in our workshops. It is free blowing and consistently voiced across the full range of the instrument and displays many of the highly sought-after Heckel characteristics.
£35,000.00 Available
BN10410a BN10410a Heckel 10xxx
Recently overhauled. This is a very sonorous instrument, ideal for 1st and solo playing. Rich tone, particularly in the tenor regsiter. The High D has been plugged at some point in this instruments life and replaced with a new vent key linked to the C vent. It does not seem to affect the response of the instrument.This can be changed if required by new owner. Please ask for a quote.
£32,000.00 Available
BN10341a BN10341a Heckel World System
Fully overhauled and replated in our workshops
£23,000.00 Available
BN10443a Leitzinger Model II
Like new, excellent condition instrument to the latest Model II spec. Supplied without crooks (reflected in the price) so you can chosse they best ones for your own style. Supplied in Leather Bonna gentleman case.
£23,000.00 Available
BN10325a BN10325a Fox 201D
Popular Professional Model. Short bore, free flexible sound. Even scale and easy to play. High E. This is an excellent bassoon for an emerging professional or any player looking for a top quality bassoon.
£21,000.00 Available
BN10404a Fox II
Thin walled and long bored instrument. Excellent condtion, fully overhauled. Free even scale, This is an ideal instrument for a competent amateur player or an emerging professional, ideally suited in orchestral and chamber music
£20,000.00 Available
BN10410b Puchner Jubilee
5 years old, 1 owner from new. Excellent condition, well cared for. High E, High D, LH crook lock. Rollers on RH thumb keys. Supplied in Bonna base with 3 crooks. balance hanger. The Jubilee is almsot like the model 23 in spec but does not have the Ab / Bb trill key. Excellent professional instrument
£19,000.00 Available
BN10389a Fox 201
Fully overhauled. A fine example of a 201. Excellent professional level instrument. Supplied with 2 crooks and in a new Toma dn Will gig bag
£18,000.00 Available
BN10438a Heckel 4XXX
Excellent instrument with gorgeous singing tone. Previously overhauled and refinished by Moosmann, the instrument has been overhauled in our workshops most recently and is in excellent condition. This bassoon is ideal for lyrical solo and chamber playing and has excellent projection. Full of character. Supplied with CDV 1 Heckel crook and a platinum Leitzinger crook.
£16,000.00 Available
BN10375a BN10375a Yamaha 812
Fully serviced, this is a popular model of Yamaha bassoon, Supplied in hard case with 3 crooks. Standard 821 specification. inc High E, LH crook lock. This instrument has plenty of presence but also fits in with a chamber setting. Ideal instrument for anyone looking for a top end bassoon.
£13,000.00 Available
BN10339a BN10339a Heckel 4XXX
Recently overhauled, This is an ideal instrument for anyone looking to own a Heckel for chamber and solo playing. This instrument has been modified throughout its life and has been refinished in a deep red varnish at some point. The keywork has been brought up to post-war standard and includes LH crook lock, rollers on the left and right thumb keys, RH whisper key, enlarged low D touch piece, 2nd C touch and Avent - whisper link. A high D vent linked to the the B/C vent is also in place and could be modified to its own key if desired. Includes 3 crooks and hard case
£10,000.00 Available
BN10362a Fox II £8,000.00 Available

Student and Semi-Professional Bassoons

 -  17 instruments.
BN10435a Fox 220 £8,500.00 Available
BN10433a Mollenhauer Pre War bassoon
Pre war instrument. Excellent condition, beautiful piece of maple. Lyrical singing tone ideal for solo and chamber playing. LH crook lock, 2nd C touch. Supplied with 3 Mollenhauer crooks and 1 Nissen crook. Includes Tutti Fagotti tube case
£6,000.00 Available
BN10420a Fox Model III
Polypropelene bodies instument with high keywork specification. LH crook lock, high E, Double low C touchpiece, RH Eb trill, offset C# trill, Roller on thumb F#
£5,500.00 Available
BN10396a Schreiber S13
Fully repadded. Excellent short reach instrument. Ideal for player with small hands up to grade 8 or school instrument.
£4,800.00 Available
BN10377a Fox Model 41 £4,000.00 Available
BN10363a Schreiber 502
Excellent example of a 502. A more basic keywork system but excellent singing voice, ideal instrument for a student or chamber player
£4,000.00 On approval
BN10266 BN10266 Adler 1357 / Sonora
1357 stamped Sonora fully serviced, some cosmetic wear but otherwise in excellent playing condition. 2 crooks, supplied Pro Tec Bassoon Case
£4,000.00 Available
BN10355a BN10355a Schreiber 503 £3,800.00 Available
BN10399a BN10399a Adler Sonora
Sonora fully serviced, some cosmetic wear but otherwise in excellent playing condition. 1 crook.
£3,800.00 On approval
BN10406a Adler Sonora £3,800.00 Available
BN10407a Adler Sonora £3,800.00 Available
BN10427a Schreiber 502 £3,500.00 Available
BN10344a BN10344a Elkhart Lesher £3,000.00 Available
BN10350a Schreiber Bassoon
Schreiber student bassoon ideal for players up to grade 5 / 6 standard. Older Schreibers are an excellent solid starting instrument with a rich dark sound and a good stable intonation.
£2,850.00 Available
BN10258 BN10258 Huller Bassoon
Serviced in our workshops this is a great bassoon for a student player. Comes with two crooks and spike.
£2,800.00 Available
BN786b BN786b Kohlert Beginner
Good beginner instrument,
£2,700.00 Available
BN10367a Huller Pre war Bassoon £2,500.00 Available

Contra Bassoons

 -  2 instruments.
BN10318a BN10318a Heckel Contra bassoon
A fine example of a Heckel Contrabassoon. (1949) This instrument has just had a thorough overhaul and has many years of playing ahead of it.This instrument is a delight to play. Rich dark German sound, Very satisfying lower register and a stable tenor. This is a fine contra that will hold its own in a modern orchestra with ease. A rare chance to own a contra of this calibre.
£30,000.00 Available
BN10408a BN10408a Adler Low A Contra
Fully serviced in our Worthing factory. In excellent condition. Low A and low C bells. Supplied in hard case. Great value instrument. Low A contras are less common and this is an excellent example.
£10,000.00 Available

French Bassoons

 -  1 instrument.
BN786c BN786c Mahillon French System
French system bassoon made in the late 1800s. It has 1 original brass bocal.
£1,500.00 Available

Reed Making Equipment

 -  2 instruments.
BN10418a Reeds 'n' Stuff Bassoon Tip Profiler
Fitted with GR5 template.
£995.00 Available
BN10432c Nystroem Bassoon / Contra Profiler £500.00 Available

Bassoon Crooks

 -  53 instruments.
BN10411b Heckel CD1
Hard German Silver (Z) like new
£650.00 Available
BN10403a Heckel CC1 XL £600.00 On approval
BN10403b Heckel CC2 £600.00 Available
BN10360a Heckel CCV 2
Like new
£600.00 Available
BN10428a Heckel CD0 £550.00 Available
BN10402b Heckel C2 £500.00 Available
BN10381a Puchner CD2 £450.00 Available
BN10399b Heckel CD2
Has been patched
£450.00 Available
BN10359a heckel CD1
English Bend. Patched
£450.00 Available
BN10359c Heckel CD2
English Bend
£450.00 Available
BN10159 Fox *CTC* R2 2 £450.00 Available
BN10257a Fox *CTC* R2 2
Like New
£450.00 Available
BN10232e Heckel CD1 £450.00 Available
BN10316a Heckel CD1 £450.00 Available
BN10428c Walter CC2 £450.00 Available
BN10436a Heckel CV2 £450.00 Available
BN10436b Heckel CDV2 £450.00 Available
BN10327a Puchner BD2 £400.00 Available
BN10244b Puchner BD2 £400.00 Available
BN10401b Yamaha CN1 £400.00 Available
BN10401c Yamaha PN2 £400.00 Available
BN10297a Yamaha PN1 £395.00 Available
BN10280a Puchner MD 1 £350.00 Available
BN10286b Heckel BD1
£350.00 Available
BN10311b Heckel CD1
Deep bend - Patch on bend
£350.00 Available
BN10311d Puchner BD2 £350.00 Available
BN10340a Fox *CVX* R2 3 £350.00 Available
BN10203a Puchner BC0 £350.00 Available
BN10402a Puchner ED2 £350.00 Available
BN10371e Puchner BD0 £350.00 Available
BN10368c Puchner CD0 English Bend £300.00 Available
BN10203b Puchner DD0 £300.00 Available
BN695B Heckel BD2
Has a large patch.
£300.00 Available
BN10311a Heckel B1
English Bend
£275.00 Available
BN10100e Yamaha C2 £275.00 Available
BN10431d Moosmann P2WF £275.00 Available
BN10431c Moosmann P1W English Bend £275.00 Available
BN10445d Fox CVC 2 R2 £250.00 Available
BN10104c Nissen standard bassoon crook £200.00 Available
BN10405a Fox CVX 2 English Bend £200.00 Available
BN10405b Fox CVX3 English Bend £200.00 Available
BN10256b Fox CVX 1 £195.00 Available
BN10372c Fox CVX 3 straightened £175.00 Available
BN10167h Soulsby 1
English Bend
£150.00 Available
BN10167j Soulsby 1
English bend
£150.00 Available
BN811c Soulsby 1 £150.00 Available
BN10307b Fox CVX 3
Straight bend
£150.00 Available
BN10358a Adler No. 1 £150.00 Available
BN10370c Schreiber F1 £130.00 Available
BN10370d Schreiber F2 £130.00 Available
BN10392b Unknown CC D
unknown make. Length not stamped.
£100.00 Available
BN10222 Unmarked na £100.00 Available
BN10372b Unknown CC2 H £80.00 On approval

Contra Crooks

 -  1 instrument.
BN10274b Puchner B2 £500.00 Available

Bassoon Case

 -  1 instrument.
BN10389b BN10389b Wiseman Bassoon case
Traditional style Wiseman tubular bassoon case
£500.00 Available

Bassoon Crook

 -  1 instrument.
BN10446a Heckel CCV 2 £550.00 Available
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