Howarth Gift Guide 2022

If you’re looking for seasonal gift inspiration, look no further! Our 2022 Gift Guide has both practical and fun ideas to suit every musician and budget, with prices starting at just 95p.

£5 and Under

1. Barenreiter Notebook (£0.95) This mini manuscript pad features alternating pages of staff paper on the left and writing lines on the right for your notes. Ideal for use as a lesson notebook.

2. Novello Manuscript Book 1 (£2.10) This A5-sized manuscript book has 32 pages, with 4 staves per page.

3. Badges (£2.50) These fun 1.25″ round badges are the perfect inexpensive gift and make a great stocking filler.

4. Pencil Clip (£2.99) This magnetic pencil holder can attach to a music stand allowing quick access to your pencil during rehearsals.

5. Magnetic Pencil (£3.50) A black pencil with a stylish musical instrument design in yellow. The magnetic end allows the pencil to be attached to magnetic surfaces such as metal music stands.

6. Instrument Greetings Cards £3.50 Howarth individual greetings cards in a selection of designs.

7. Bear Keyring (£4.00) A friendly addition to your bag, keys, or instrument case!


8. Howarth Music Bag (£5.50) A bag the perfect size for carrying music, with additional detachable labelled pockets.

9. Dr. Downing Books/Charts (£6.95) Dr. Downing’s fingering charts and guides are invaluable resources for many oboists and bassoonists.

10. Pencil Case Musical Notes (£5.99) This pencil case is a handy accessory for any musician and could be used for storing musical items such as tuners and reed making equipment as well as stationery.

11. Black Sheet Music Tote Bag (£7.50) Simple yet stylish, this black canvas tote bag features a sheet music design.

12. Christmas Bauble Decoration (£7.50) Add some musical flair to your Christmas tree with the Bach Notes bauble. Each ball comes individually boxed in matching packaging.

13. Music Notes Travel Mug (£7.99) This 380ml bamboo travel mug with a silicon lid and sleeve is the perfect solution for keeping your beverage of choice nice and hot.

14. Flute My Grips (£8.90) Two silicone grips that help stop your thumb and first finger slipping on the flute. No adhesive required.

15. Edgware Cork Grease (£8.95) This cork grease is manufactured in the UK from 100% natural ingredients, meaning it is non-toxic, non-petroleum and non-synthetic.

16. Howarth Compact Oboe Stand (£9.20) A compact oboe stand in Howarth green. The slotted stand collapses flat so that it easily fits into an oboe case cover pocket.

17. Howarth Academy Bassoon Reed Case (£9.99) Smart compact case to hold three reeds. Each reed is securely held by foam insert and the lid secured by a sprung hinge.


18. Howarth Coffee Mug: Green with Logo (£12.50) Beautiful bone china mug with design featuring the Howarth logo. An ideal gift for any woodwind player.

19. Howarth Oboe Light Pull (£12.00) The Howarth Light Pull is made from the same materials as our oboes. To fit any corded switch, it has central hole to pass the cord through.

20. Howarth Oboe Bell Keyrings (£12.50-£14.00) Made out of the same materials (African Blackwood, Cocobolo, and synthetics) that our oboes are made from, this keyring is fun and functional!

21. Howarth Christmas Tree Decorations (£12.50-£16.50) These woodwind tree ornaments are beautifully made and make a lovely musical addition to a Christmas tree.

22. Howarth Kid’s T-Shirt/Adult Polo (£12.50-£20.00) Dark green t-shirt with printed Howarth logo in kids sizes medium and large. Black polo shirts with embroidered Howarth logo in adult sizes large and extra-large.

23. TGI 98W Metronome and Tuner (£13.95) This combined metronome and tuner (98W) is designed for both woodwind and brass players and small enough to easily fit into most instrument cases.

24. Faber Manuscript Notebook (£13.99) This superior manuscript notebook is designed to inspire all musicians to compose, with 240 pages of high-quality 120gsm white paper, ideal for ink or pencil.

25. OB3 Reed Knives (£15.00-£20.00) These knives are aerospace-inspired and manufactured using the latest 3D printing technology, a re-invention which makes the price more affordable.

26. Da Capo: The Music Theory Card Game (£17.99) Da Capo is an exciting and nerdy new card game developed by musicians for musicians, perfectly suited to anyone from professionals to students just starting out.

27. Flare Audio Calmer/Isolate 3 Earplugs (£19.99) Perfect for any musician, the Calmer earplugs are made from silicone and come in various colours comes with Mesh pouch and instructions. Aluminium, comes with 2 pairs of tips, standard and large size


28. OB3 Tip Cutter (£35.00) This aerospace-inspired tip cutter is manufactured using 3D printing technology. Its blade acts as a razor-sharp guillotine and will cut cleanly though the reed blank, leaving a perfectly straight tip.

29. ‘Understanding the Oboe Reed’ by Graham Salter (£44.95) Every oboist interested in reeds should own this exciting new book, which includes 82 world interviews and 115 colour photos of reeds with complete measurements.

30. Grossmuller Bassoon/Saxophone End Plug (£45.00) These end plugs are not only beautiful but also very practical, designed to protect the crook key on a bassoon or the crook action on a saxophone.

Blow the Budget (£50 +)

31. Key Leaves GapCap® £37.75-£51.95 Winner of The Saxophonist Magazine’s ‘Outstanding Product’ award, the GapCap is designed to perfectly fit the neck socket of all sax brands to ensure your saxophone fits securely in its case.

32. ReedGeek® Classic Reed Tool £67 The ReedGeek® “Universal” Reed Tool was designed to help all woodwind players adjust single and double reeds to achieve better reed performance It has quickly become an industry leader.

33. Limited Edition Prints £84 An exciting collaboration between Brighton based artist and illustrator Sarah Jones and Howarth of London has been commissioned to produce two contemporary images which represent the essence of the Howarth business.

34. Oboe/Bassoon Reed Making Kit £97.50/£115 Howarth’s beginner oboe/bassoon reed making kits have been the starting point for many of the UK’s top players. They include all the essential tools for reedmaking and represent a saving of over 10% on buying the items individually.

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