Adler Model 1350 P Bassoon

Adler’s 1350 P model is a bassoon that has been specially adapted for children to bridge the gap between a mini-bassoon or tenoroon and a full-size instrument.

Main product description

The 1350 P model bassoon is Adler’s gift to children that have outgrown their mini-bassoon or tenoroon and yet are not quite ready to get their hands around a full-size or short reach bassoon.

All of Adler’s bassoons are made from mountain special mountain maple wood, supplied from the Highland of Bosnia in specially selected quality. All of it is seasoned naturally for over 10 years in Adler’s Markneukirchen facilities before being accepted for production.

The 1350 P model features a reduced number of keys from the standard Adler model, which reduces the weight down to 2.2kg, a full 30% lighter than the model 1357.  A small groove in the long joint, where the left hand meets the instrument, makes it easier to seal the first hole on the wing joined with the left-hand index finger. Extending several keys also reduces the distances between finger placements. This model plays down chromatically to low C and adds a whisper key mechanism that is not available on min-bassoons or tenoroons. Thinner wood allows the instrument to speak more easily, and the position of the right hand is much improved due to the pronounced downward curve of the crook. Lastly, the most significant difference in this model is the plexiglass bell joint which plays a significant role in stabilising intonation in the lower register and brings an overall equality of tone to the instrument. As with all Adler instruments, the key work of the 1350 P is silver-plated.

Howarth supplies this bassoon with a Kölbl gig bag, balance hanger, harness, reed case, silk pull-throughs, cork grease, one deep bent Adler crook in length 2 and a shortened hand-rest.


  • Reduced number of keys
  • Closer gap between fingers
  • Full whisper key mechanism
  • Hollow left index finger hole
  • 3rd finger left-hand key covered
  • Plays down chromatically to a low C
  • Very easy response due to thinner wood
  • Plexiglass bell joint
  • Balance hanger and crossing strap
  • 1 deep bent Adler crook in length 2
  • Shortened hand-rest
  • 2.2 kg, 30% lighter than the model 1357
  • Gig bag with carrying sling system

About maker

The Adlers were a famous family of musical craftsmen from the 17th Century from Markneukirchen. Franz Oscar Adler was a third-generation woodwind instrument maker. He and his brother Robert Oswald learned woodwind instrument making from their father, Johann Gottlob and his father before him. Robert started his own company in 1891, producing woodwind instruments under the label ROA. His son Johann founded his own workshop in Markneukirchen, earning an excellent reputation in the world of recorders. Oscar founded Oscar Adler & Co. in 1885, and soon grew his business such that by the turn of the century, it was considered the largest woodwind manufacturer in Germany specialising in clarinets and flutes. In 1901 the firm produced 21 bassoons and one contrabassoon (and was recognised to have built the first saxophone in the German-speaking region). The firm currently concentrates on oboes and bassoons. The two East German factories of Adler and Mönnig merged their businesses after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 with the two Markneukirchen brands continuing in tandem.


This instrument comes with a 1 Year Warranty from Howarth of London, and a free 'Guarantee Checkover' from our Repair Workshop before the warranty expires.

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