Classical Fingers Clarinet Fingering Optimiser

Create The Perfect Technique & Muscle Memory For Playing Clarinet
Classical Fingers is an Australian multi-award winning design that helps create a smoother and better performance on the clarinet. By ensuring the fingers do not lift too high from the surface of the clarinet, Classical Fingers sits at an optimum height above the keys to help guide the fingers to stay in the correct position. With a patented design and engineered to target the student’s fluency and correct finger position, Classical Fingers is now making it easier for students to build the correct muscle memory essential for playing the clarinet.

Classical Fingers is made of strong durable ABS complementing the design and structure of the clarinet. By simply attaching two specifically designed magnetic bands to the lower Barrel Joint and Middle Joint, Classical Fingers clips into perfect position using strong rare earth magnets, providing both support and stability for the guard. In return, Classical Fingers covers all of the essential keys and holes on the clarinet, whilst maintaining an optimum height in which the fingers can move smoothly whilst playing.When you have finished using Classical Fingers simply leave the magnetic bands on the clarinet when you pack it away and attach the guard to your music stand via the magnets. In transit, keep it in the microfiber bag supplied or store it in the box it comes with for protection.

• 1 x Guard

• 2 x Magnetic Bands

• 1 x High Quality Box (easy access and storage)

• 1 x Microfiber Drawstring Pouch

• 1 x Quick Tips and Instructions

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£62.00( If bought from United Kingdom )