Yanagisawa SWO1 Soprano Saxophone - Brass

Yanagisawa SWO1 ‘Professional’ models are free blowing, with a resonant tone. The student will develop their own style more easily due to both the improved construction and ergonomic key design, and the advanced professional can be assured of a superior tone.

  • Key of Bb 
  • Range from low Bb to high F# 
  • All hand engraved  
  • Gold Lacquer
New Features for the SWO:

Redesigned Taper: Redesign of the taper and position of the tone holes allows for clearer intonation.

Right Pinky Key: Relocated the right pinky key allows for smoother fingering.

Left Palm Keys: Modified angle of the left palm keys ensuring easier fingering.

New Case: Redesigned hard shell case with fabric cover.

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