Fox Model 920 Contrabassoon

The Fox Model 920 Contrabassoon is an upgraded version of the Model 900, which is one of the world’s most popular contrabassoons. It is extremely easy to play, and this model is made from specially selected and processed mountain maple.

Main product description

The Fox Model 920 Contrabassoon was introduced to the market in 2016. It is based on the original Model 900.

The body of the Model 920 is made from specially selected and processed mountain maple. This is the same wood used by Fox in the manufacture of their Professional bassoons. This maple is naturally aged in Fox’s facilities in South Whitley, Indiana.

All of the Model 920’s tenons are carefully fitted to their receiving sockets to ensure its structural integrity. Joint connections and metal reinforcing bands are sealed using high quality silicone sealer. The contra uses a three-point bell bracing to improve rigidity. Its inner elbows are removable without disturbing the bracing, which enables it to be easily cleaned access without fully disassembling it.

As standard, the 920’s key work is the standard German key system and comes silver-plated. An alternative right little finger F# key and alternate Eb key for the right forefinger is provided. Rollers come fitted onto the on F and Ab keys on the right-hand little finger as well as the Eb and Db for the left-hand little finger. There is a water key fitted onto the tuning slide. The spring posts are locked with screws. The optional divorced low E mechanism on the Model 900 comes as standard on the model 920.

Howarth supplies all Fox contrabassoons in a premium aluminium shell case, two Fox contrabassoon crooks and an end pin.


  • Specially selected and processed mountain maple
  • Removable inner U-tubes
  • Full German key system with silver plating
  • Alternate right little finger F? and right forefinger E?
  • Right little finger F and A? rollers
  • Left little finger E? and D? rollers
  • Water key on tuning slide
  • Spring posts are locked with screws
  • Divorced low E mechanism
  • Two Fox contrabassoon crooks
  • Premium aluminium shell case
  • End pin

About maker

Founder Hugo Fox played bassoon for the Chicago Symphony for almost 30 years. Throughout his playing career he had always wanted to improve the instrument that he loved. His vision was a high-quality bassoon fabricated entirely in the United States. After retiring from playing in 1949, he returned home to Indiana to make that vision a reality. That company is still running today, embracing Hugo's commitment to excellence, and still maintain production in the same location on the Fox family farm in South Whitley, Indiana.


This instrument comes with a 1 Year Warranty from Howarth of London, and a free 'Guarantee Checkover' from our Repair Workshop before the warranty expires.

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