Licostini Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece | HT : G5H

Howarth of London are pleased to be able to offer you the A Licostini range of clarinet mouthpieces. These models are made from Hybrid Technopolymer, similar to hard rubber.

RS:Tip Opening: 100/20 | a lightly conical chamber - large projection and many harmonics

RG: Tip Opening: 100/22 | a lightly conical chamber - a warm sound with a very clean 'piano'

FDC: Tip Opening: 107/19 | a lightly conical chamber  -  a  dark and warm sound -  this is good with plastic reeds too.

F5: Tip Opening: 114/17  | French Style - conical chamber - Similar to a Vandoren B40, but takes more air -  a warm sound

G5HR: Tip Opening: 114/21  | German Style - cylindrical chamber

G5L: Tip Opening: 119/19  | German Style - cylindrical chamber -  a big sound

G5H: Tip Opening: 120 /17  | German Style - cylindrical chamber - a medium tip opening and a dark sound

LN: Tip Opening: 120/20 | a lightly conical chamber - a large and strong sound

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£192.00( If bought from United Kingdom )