Backun Vocalise Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece : CG

The Vocalise CG has a flexible and vibrant tone making it adaptable to a wide range of repertoire.

This model was specially designed for the clarinettist Corrado Giuffredi. The CG Vocalise offers flexibility and ease of articulation throughout all registers and dynamics.

Backun vocalise mouthpieces are printed with the latest advancements of Computer Numerical Control Machining which means the mouthpieces are consistent and stay true to their original design.

Backun aimed to create a line of mouthpieces that follows the development of the clarinettist, a model for every player and occasion.


  • Clear hard Rubber
  • Tip opening: open
  • Facing: Long
  • A = 440Hz
  • Ligature and cap not included

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£140.00( If bought from United Kingdom )