Rovner 'Dark' Saxophone Ligature and Plastic Cap | All sizes : Bass Sax | 4R

For Saxophone Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - Polished Alloy Finish

The Rovner 'Dark' is an all-purpose, multi-genre ligature offering reliable performance for all types of players. It specialises in enabling a particularly dark, warm and resonant sound with a full bodied, focused tone .

 A solid and remarkable performer since 1974! Although technologically superior, its sound is similar to the sound produced by the age-old string ligature. This piece comes including a Rovner™ cap. Often Selected by players seeking a general-purpose, multi-genre ligature. The ligature material and hardware are created to specific specifications and go through a series of treatments and processes to ensure their durability and imbue them with energetic response! The textile used in Rovner ligatures is not leather and is, therefore, not prone to stretching over time the way leather might. All ligatures include a Rovner cap.

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