Vandoren Profile 88 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece : 5JB | CM3108

Ideal for jazz clarinet players, the 5JB produces a full and wide sound.

Although the 5JB has one of the largest tip openings Vandoren make, this mouthpiece feels flexible and can produce a large range of dynamics whilst remaining control.

This mouthpiece is designed with the Profile 88 beak, which refers to the shape of the beak of the mouthpiece giving to the player a more comforting mouth position. In comparison with the traditional mouthpiece, the Profile 88 has a longer beak and smother shaped transition to the chamber.


  • Hard Rubber
  • Tip opening 1/100mm: 147
  • Facing: Long
  • A = 442Hz
  • Ligature and cap not included

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£94.00( If bought from United Kingdom )