Vandoren 13 Series Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece : B40Lyre | CM4198

Ideal for the orchestral and chamber music player, the B40 Lyre supports a large dynamic range whilst having excellent projection throughout all registers.

An adaptation of the popular B40, the B40 Lyre is an easy blowing mouthpiece, particularly in the upper register, thanks to the combination of his medium tip opening and longer facing length.

The Lyre symbol refers to an alteration that is been made to the original model. Although we see different mouthpieces with a lyre within the Vandoren range, not all of them present the same variation. In this occasion, the B40 Lyre features a slightly smaller tip opening and a longer facing than its traditional version allowing more control over the mouthpiece and great projection. 

Vandoren has designed the 13 series range specifically for those clarinettists in need of a A440 pitched mouthpiece. All the 13 series mouthpieces also come with the Profile 88 beak, which refers to the shape of the beak of the mouthpiece giving to the player a more comforting mouth position. In comparison with the traditional mouthpiece, the Profile 88 has a longer beak and smother shaped transition to the chamber.


  • Hard Rubber
  • Tip opening 1/100mm: 117.5
  • Facing: Long
  • A = 440Hz
  • Ligature and cap not included

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£100.00( If bought from United Kingdom )