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The TooT is a great access instrument onto the flute. It is small and light and can play just over an octave chromatically using recorder fingerings, allowing a student to play simple tunes while learning posture, fingering and embouchure.

The thick-bodied instrument is comfortable for smaller hands to hold. It has a raised section at the back of the instrument to help with correct placement of the thumb as well as silicone touchpieces over the toneholes to make it easier to position the fingers.

The TooT is supplied with two lip plates. One is shaped the same as a standard flute and is easy blowing. Nuvo’s patented FirstNote lip plate is also included, this allows students to play notes immediately while training them to blow across the instrument.

The TooT is supplied in a soft case with a fingering chart.

Colours available: white with blue trim, white with green trim, white with pink trim, black with black trim, black with blue trim, black with green trim, black with pink trim.

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Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Pink, Black/Green, White/Blue, White/Pink, White/Green

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