Vandoren | V16 Soprano Saxophone Reeds | SR71




The Vandoren V16 Soprano Saxophone Reeds | SR71 was launched in 1993 to answer the demand of some American jazz musicians (a JAVA with even more wood). The V16 has a thicker tip than the traditional Vandoren reeds and a longer palette. Thanks to this, they enable a stronger attack with a deep, rich sound with brighter, more percussive intonation and are particularly well adapted to all new styles of music.

Vandoren V16 reeds have a medium-thick heart, more than the Java but less than the Traditional cuts, with a profile designed for producing a punchy yet deep and rich sound.

The V16 reed runs slightly harder than Java reeds thanks to their more dense nature, whilst being softer than Vandoren Traditional strengths.

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[Box of 10] Strength 2, [Box of 10] Strength 2.5, [Box of 10] Strength 3, [Box of 10] Strength 3.5, [Box of 10] Strength 4, [Single] Strength 2, [Single] Strength 2.5, [Single] Strength 3, [Single] Strength 3.5, [Single] Strength 4