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Unless otherwise stated, all saxophones receive a pre-sale assessment undertaken by our specialist technicians to ensure they are in the best possible condition. The price advertised always includes any servicing costs, whether the instrument has been serviced or is presently in our workshop.

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Image Reference Make Description Price Status

Soprano Saxophone

 -  3 instruments.
SX10444a SX10444a Yamaha YSS 675 Soprano Saxophone
YSS 675 Soprano Saxophone, plays with a clear and focused tone. Instrument supplied with straight neck. If you're looking for a good price on a pro level soprano sax, this is a great option.
£1,900.00 Available
SX10430a SX10430a Oleg Maestro Soprano Saxophone
Handcrafted silver plated Soprano Saxophone. Oleg soprano saxophones are known for their superior sound, fine craftsmanship, beautiful hand-engraving, superbly engineered acoustics, and perfect intonation. Each instrument is hand-crafted to perfection using the Oleg Optimized Acoustics Method. They are designed to eliminate all traditional saxophone problems such as flatness on the top register, sharpness on the bottom register, and stuffy middle C. This is a nice example in very good condition and having been recently serviced by our sax technician.
£2,500.00 Available
SX10436c SX10436c Yamaha 875-S Soprano Saxophone
Fully serviced YSS 875 Soprano in silver plate. Plays with a rich and colourful tone, perfect for classical and jazz playing. Features straight and curved M1 necks.
£3,150.00 Available

Alto Saxophone

 -  11 instruments.
SX10335a SX10335a Leblanc Vito Alto Saxophone
'59/'60 Leblanc Model 35 Vito Semi-Rationale. (American made). This is a quirky and interesting sax, incorporating some of Leblanc's more innovative ideas from a historical point of view.
£1,000.00 Available
SX10398a SX10398a Chiltern A-M6 DVL Alto Saxophone
Chiltern A-M6 DVL alto saxophone. Dark Gold lacquer finish. Supplied with Neotech strap and polishing cloth. Popular upgrade instruments, the Chiltern range of saxophones embodies this very idealism, whilst retaining the warmth and richness, offered by sought after 'Vintage' saxophones of age.
£1,250.00 Available
SX10465a SX10465a P. Mauriat System 76 2nd Edition UL
The System 76 alto Unlacquered has a larger bore and bell size and offers a vintage sound with a modern reliable mechanism. This sax is in excellent condition all round, pads are as new.
£1,425.00 Available
SX10438a SX10438a C.G. Conn Chu Berry Alto Saxophone
Conn Chu Berry circa 1929, gold palted finish, features Conn microtuner on the crook.
£2,250.00 Available
SX10406a SX10406a Keilwerth SX90R Alto Saxophone
Keilwerth SX90R Alto Saxophone made in 1999. Features true rolled toneholes and adjustable left hand palm keys.
£2,500.00 Available
SX10457a SX10457a Yanagisawa A991
Yanagisawa alto sax A991 in very good condition, supplied with original case and Yanagisawa hard rubber mouthpiece witha 7 tip opening.
£2,550.00 Available
SX10456a SX10456a Selmer Series III
Series III alto saxophone, mid 00's. Open and centred. Its acoustic, mechanical and ergonomic qualities make it a first-class instrument.
£2,750.00 Available
SX10436b SX10436b Selmer Series III Alto Saxophone
Selmer Series III Alto from 2002. Lovely focused and warm tone. Perfectly balanced tuning and accessible, erganomic keywork making for effortless lower notes.
£2,950.00 Available
SX10447a SX10447a Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone
Balanced Action Alto saxophone from 1937.
£3,300.00 Available
SX10320a SX10320a Selmer Paris Series III Alto Saxophone
Selmer Series III alto saxophone black lacquer finish. Great depth of sound and warm tone.
£3,750.00 Available
SX10431b SX10431b Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone
Fully overhauled 1962 Mark VI Alto featuring brass body and nickel silver plated keywork.
£5,500.00 Available

Tenor Saxophone

 -  1 instrument.
SX10445a SX10445a Yanagisawa T901 Tenor Saxophone
Yanagisawa T901 tenor saxophone. Predecessor to the TWO1. In great condition following a full service
£2,100.00 Available


 -  1 instrument.
SX10405a SX10405a Pearl PF-665RE
Pearl 665 Flute, open-hole with offset G with E mechanism. This is an excellent upgrade flute with a silver plated body and mechanism and with .925 silver head joint. This instrument is in excellent playing condition having been serviced by our flute technician.
£795.00 Available


 -  1 instrument.
SX10461b SX10461b Yamaha 62 Piccolo
Popular with professional musicians, the YPC-62 is characterised by excellent intonation and playability. This particular instrument is in excellent condition and has been serviced by our flute technician and is in top playing order.
£800.00 Available
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