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The Alpha Saxophone by Trevor James is based around the original body tube of a Trevor James alto saxophone with completely redesigned mechanism and tone hole positioning for the smaller individual that isn’t quite ready to handle the full weight of a standard alto sax.

Like the alto, the alpha is tuned to the key of Eb, with a full two octave chromatic facility using established finger positioning to enable the smaller player freedom to learn the alto saxophone using current study books. New and innovative mechanism enables players to maintain the finger positioning of a normal saxophone.

Key and Mechanism Detail

  • The left-hand palm keys for top D#, E and F have been removed.
  • The top D key has been adjusted to fit small hands.
  • The low B & Bb keys have been removed.
  • Redesigned G# and low C# keys are now easier to reach.
  • The right-hand side F# keys and side C key have been removed.
  • Redesigned low D# and C keys are now easier to reach.
  • The alpha sax retains a fully chromatic range from low C to high D.
  • Bb bis and side Bb keys are retained.
  • Problematic keys with long finger stretch have been removed or redesigned for extra comfort.
  • The removal of these keys means that the weight has been reduced by an amazing 33% – now weighing in at 1.86kg.


A new lightweight (1.48kg) moulded case with backpack straps is included along with a padded neck strap, mouthpiece, cap, and single screw ligature. A Vandoren reed completes the package.

The alpha sax is therefore an incredible 3.34kg in its carry case (compared to the usual 4.9kg + of the Trevor James Classic II that the Alpha is based on).


This instrument comes with a 1 Year Warranty from Howarth of London and includes a free ‘Guarantee Checkover’ from our Repair Workshop before the warranty expires.

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