The minimum fee is 1 week’s hire, payment in advance. If the instrument is not returned on time, you will be charged for another full week.

Our instruments are very popular which means you need to book in advance. Please Get in Touch to confirm availability and make a booking. We will need to see a copy of a recent utility bill with your address on it and a copy of your photo ID (passport, driving licence). Once we have confirmed arrangement, we van email you a payment link for the rental period (plus postage if necessary).


Instruments must be insured by the hirer. The hirer is liable for loss or damage. We will arrange cover for the period of hire, and due to the terms of that cover, the instrument must remain in the UK. Alternatively, you may arrange your own insurance. We would need to see proof prior to the hire commencing and it must be at least equal to the cover offered by our own insurance company

Instruments will be sent out fully serviced and may not be taken to any other repairers during the hire period. If there are any issues when the instrument is first assembled, please let us know immediately to arrange a solution.

Reeds are not supplied with any of our reed instruments.

Rental terms and conditions.

The specific instrument models below are provided only as an example. Sometimes an instrument of similar standard will be available instead


  • Intermediate (e.g. Alto flute)

  • Intermediate (e.g. Bass flute)



  • Professional Bb (e.g. Buffet R13 / RC Greenline)

  • Professional A (e.g. Buffet R13 Greenline)

  • Professional Harmony (e.g. Yamaha YCL681 II Eb Clarinet)

  • Professional Harmony (e.g. Buffet Prestige Greenline Bass Clarinet to low C)



  • Intermediate (e.g. S40 Oboe)

  • Professional (e.g. Professional Howarth Oboe)


Oboe d’Amore

  • Professional (e.g. S5 Oboe d’Amore)

  • Professional (e.g. XL Oboe d’Amore)


Cor Anglais

  • Student (e.g. S20 Cor Anglais)

  • Professional (e.g. S5 Cor Anglais)


Bass Oboe

  • Bass Oboe



  • Professional (e.g. Professional Bassoon)

  • Professional (e.g. Contrabassoon) ~ From £150 – £200, depending on length of hire

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