Instrument Rental

Our long-term rental scheme is an alternative to buying a high-quality instrument without making a permanent commitment. Perhaps you want to give the gift of music to your young child but can’t be sure that they’ll still want to play that instrument in a year’s time. Perhaps you want to get your hands on a bassoon having played back in your teenage days, or maybe you’ve always had a hankering to channel your inner John Coltrane by picking up a sax.

Our short-term rental scheme allows you to get hold of a high-quality instrument just for a week or two in case your instrument is in the workshop for an urgent repair, or if you need an oboe d’Amore for Ravel’s Boléro, for example.

Minimum 3 Month Hire

Long Term Rental

Hire an instrument while you discover about learning, without the up front cost of buying an instrument.

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Minimum 1 Week Hire

Short Term Rental

Hire an instrument just for a week or two in case of an emergency or for a special concert.

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