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Created by Buffet Crampon, the ClariMate is a connected mute using evolutive applications and an innovative solution to the problem of practicing clarinet silently. Practicing anywhere, at anytime with realistic clarinet sounds created using advanced technologies.


Connect your clarinet to your computer or smartphone to play digitally.


Easy to use. Switch in a few seconds from playing acoustically to a realistic digital experience allowing you to play when and where you want with your instrument, extending the possibilities of your device onto a full midi controller.


Adapts to any Bb or A clarinet with customisable fingering recognition; Set up the ClariMate with a training set of the full range of notes as a way for the device to detect your fingering without latency.

High-quality breath sensor that monitors air pressure and reed placement.



– USB-C port for connecting to a computer, charging, MIDI and software updates

– Lithium-ion battery for up to 4 hours battery life

– Bluetooth included for a seamless play along experience and changing settings through your phone

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Weight 200 g
Instrument Condition