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The new Selmer Concept mouthpiece has a tone similar to that of the S90 with the ease of playing of a Vandoren Optimum. It is a model of high acoustic precision that combines ease of playing, a richness of tone and great design aesthetically and technically. Since 1885, Selmer have thrived to meet the requirements of each and every musician, and the innovative technology and design at work with The ‘Concept’ perfectly showcase that philosophy.

Its newest design feature is that the beak very ‘Duck like’. A feature which is very ergonomic, creating a lot of stability in the embouchure. The roof of the mouthpiece is much lower and the facing is much shorter than the S80 C* and Soloists (The wider and much preferred choice of the classical saxophonists).
The ‘Concept’ is the latest model in Selmer’s firmly established line of mouthpieces. It combines Henri SELMER Paris legendary know-how with ultimate manufacturing technologies. This mouthpiece provides ease of play-ability, a rich tone and a great consistency. The innovative and refined design of the Concept perfectly illustrates the philosophy of Henri SELMER Paris.
The Concept is suitable for a broad range of applications from classical to band and much more, but players may also find it particularly capable for recording sessions and in very intimate venues.
  • Hand finished in the Selmer factory in Paris, France.
  • Produced from the highest quality ebonite for tonal consistency.
  • Modern and fresh internal and external design.
  • Suitable for classical, grade playing and contemporary genres rather than Jazz or Swing etc.
  • Available in only one facing

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