Meyer | Connoisseur New York Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece




The New York Connoisseur Series alto saxophone mouthpiece by Meyer Bros is a re-release of the iconic model that Cannonball Adderley played, right down to the brass retention ring on the shank.

This mouthpiece is available in four facings: 5M, 6M, 7M and 8M. Meyer Bros New York and leading US Saxophonist Mike Smith have created the perfect blend of flexible, warm, dark alto sax sound along with plenty of power behind it.


As jj Babbitt themselves state: ‘the Meyer Bros NY Alto mouthpieces are not duplicates or replicas, these are molded in the original molds with the original cores and faced with the original facing cams. They are molded and vulcanized exactly as the originals were…these are the real thing.’

The hard rubber compound used in this re-release of the Connoisseur is basically identical to the original models, with the same hardness and density. The hand finishing is meticulously performed by the best and most experienced specialists in the Meyer team. Each mouthpiece is then reviewed and signed off by the premier ‘Connoisseur’ finishing craftsmen.


Tip Openings:

5M = 0.051mm

6M = 0.054mm

7M = 0.057mm

8M = 0.059mm


  • Hard Rubber Alto Sax mouthpiece
  • Not a re-design or replica, but a genuine
    re-release of the original!
  • Great quality sound for jazz and contemporary
    style playing
  • Slight rollover baffle and medium chamber

Additional information

Weight N/A


5M, 6M, 7M, 8M

Instrument Condition