Chiarugi | Corkless Staple 47mm (No. 2, No. 2+ or No. 5)




The Chiarugi corkless staple are a popular and consistent staple for the modern oboist. The metal staple (without cork) is designed to be more resonant, allowing vibrations from the reed to pass through to the oboe.

Two types available:no. 2+, no. 5 and no. 2 bores.
The no. 5 is similar to a Glotin style staple bore; the no. 2 is the ever-popular ‘Loree style’ bore well-suited to all major makes of oboe, and especially popular among Marigaux players. The ‘2+’ Howarth bore is well-suited to Howarth instruments and the type of choice for many professional musicians.

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No. 2 Style (Loree bore), No. 5 Style, No. 2+ Style (Howarth)

Instrument Condition (Do not use)