Jody Jazz | DV Gold Plated Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece




The 24 karat Gold Plated JodyJazz DV Tenor Sax mouthpiece uses proportions and principles found in nature. Jody Espina has introduced the concept of Golden Section Proportions to the art of high end saxophone mouthpiece design. This perfect chamber/bore/facing combination will result in an extraordinary playing experience for you. Players who now or in the past have played Guardala, Dukoff, Beechler, Jumbo Java, SR Tech, Vandoren V16, Yanagisawa, or any of the bright mouthpieces out there will be sure to love The DV. This is not just another bright mouthpiece. There will be noticeable differences and improvements.


Many straight ahead jazz players who tend to favour brighter mouthpieces than the more mainstream, dark mouthpieces have a very high chance of making the DV their new mouthpiece. Many people have converted from playing the most popular hard rubber Jazz pieces to this. These players almost always think that they won’t like a metal mouthpieces and are incredibly surprised at the result.


What Does The DV Offer?

  • Bigger Fatter Tone
  • Effortless Playing
  • More Harmonics
  • Cleaner
  • Power and
  • Unbelievable
  • Improved Intonation

How Does The DV Do It?

  • Secondary window – The moving sound wave inside of the mouthpiece is now able to strike the vibrating reed above he bore of the mouthpiece instead of the material of the mouthpiece that usually sits there. The effect is similar to a moving ball striking a moving bat.
  • Golden section proportioning
  • Proprietary CNC facing technology – JodyJazz have invested in new CNC technology and have come up with a proprietary way of putting on a new facing curve, which is perfect every time.
  • Perfect radius facing curve
  • Perfect reed/Tip match
  • 24 karat heavy gold plating
  • Hand finished baffle, tip rail and table
  • Play tested by Jody Espina

Additional information

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8*, 7, 7*