Jody Jazz | DV HR Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece




The DV HR is a very free blowing alto saxophone mouthpiece, with all the power that you’ll ever need, as well as the big bottom end that the DV range from Jody Jazz are famous for. But now, you get all of that in a hard rubber mouthpiece, which gives you the shape and size in your mouth that you are used to, alongside the added warmth and beauty from a rubber piece.


Alto Saxophone players need a mouthpiece that lets them cut through when they need it, but also not too shrill and can still play a pretty ballad. To some degree we are all looking for that versatility from just one mouthpiece. The DV HR Alto is that mouthpiece!


The DV HR Alto uses the patented DV secondary window to add mid and low harmonics to the sound, giving it some tenor sax characteristics that result in an overall more authoritative tone than normal alto mouthpieces provide.


The proportions of the DV HR are derived from the Golden Mean Proportions found in nature. When applied to a saxophone mouthpiece Jody Espina found a magical set of proportions that have made the DV Series mouthpieces some of the most sought-after mouthpieces in the world. Now those magical proportions are available in a hard rubber mouthpiece too.


The DV HR Alto features a stylized gold-plated brass ring on the shank of the mouthpiece. The distinctive profile of the ring was created also using the golden mean proportions. The brass ring adds more mass on the shank of the mouthpiece which results in increased stability, more body in the sound and increased harmonics.


This mouthpiece does not come with a ligature or a cap. Your current ligature (if you have a hard rubber mouthpiece) should fit, but for upgrades on the ligature you can look at Jody Jazz’s Power Ring Ligatures. The AS1 Gold, and AS1S Silver models are made specifically for the DV HR Alto mouthpiece.


Tip Openings:

5= 0.72

6= 0.78

7= 0.83

8= 0.90

Additional information

Weight N/A

7, 6, 8, 5

Instrument Condition (Do not use)