Jody Jazz | DV NY Gold Plated Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece




The DV NY for Tenor Sax will appeal to the Straight Ahead player looking for the best playing and sounding mouthpiece that they can find. The mouthpiece is based on the popular Jody Jazz DV model but has several modifications, the most significant of which being a particularly deep chamber. All tests with players have been extremely positive, especially from those who mainly play on Otto Link and Meyer mouthpieces previously. The DV NY occupies a similar place as the JodyJazz ESP but they think that players who are fond of a wider mouthpiece in the mouth, and a more spread sound will choose the DV NY. Jody Espina has introduced the concept of Golden Section Proportions to the art of high end saxophone mouthpiece design. This perfect chamber/bore/facing combination will result in an extraordinary playing experience for you.
What does the DV NY Do?
  • Bigger Darker Tone
  • Effortless Playing
  • More Harmonics
  • Cleaner Articulation
  • Warmth & Beauty
  • Excellent Altissimo
  • Improved Intonation
How Does the DV NY Do it?
  • Deep Full Chamber
  • Golden section proportioning, these proportions result in a chamber that increases harmonics making the sound bigger and richer.
  • Proprietary CNC facing technology
  • Perfect radius facing curve, making the DV much more free blowing because of the facing curve of the DV soprano and all the DV’s. Be prepared to use a harder reed than you normally do. This may or may not be the case for you. The great benefit of this is that a harder reed lasts longer. A harder reed also helps the altissimo range.
  • Secondary Window: the moving sound wave inside of the mouthpiece is now able to strike the vibrating reed above the bore of the mouthpiece instead of the mouthpiece material that is usually there. The effect is similar to a moving ball striking a moving bat, enabling a massive boost to your power and projection.
  • Hand finished baffle, tip rail and table
  • Play tested by Jody Espina

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7, 7*, 10, 8*