Backun | Eb Clarinet Barrel




Designed in collaboration with Jessica Phillips of the Metropolitan Opera, these ringless barrels provide flexibility and a centred tone for your Eb clarinet.
The Backun Eb barrels have a cutout so you can play on Eb or uncut Bb reeds and come in two shapes; one to fit Buffet, Yamaha and LeBlanc clarinets and another to fit Selmer clarinets.
  • Made of grenadilla or cocobolo wood
  • Lengths: 40.5mm, 41.5mm, 42.5mm, 44mm, and 45mm
  • Two designs; one to fit Selmer and the other to fit Buffet, Yamaha and Leblanc clarinets 
  • Suitable for Eb clarinet

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Cocobolo 42.5mm, Cocobolo 41.5mm, Grenadilla 41.5mm, Grenadilla 42.5mm, Cocobolo 40.5mm, Tulipwood 44mm Selmer, Tulipwood 45mm Selmer, Grenadilla 44mm Selmer, Grenadilla 45mm Selmer, Cocobolo 44mm Selmer, Cocobolo 45mm Selmer

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