Ted Klum | Florida Model Hard Rubber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece




The Ted Klum Florida Model Hard Rubber Tenor is based on the core geometry of several of Ted’s favourite vintage Otto Link Tone Edge mouthpieces.

Machined from the finest, German Ebonite and hand-finished in Little Falls New Jersey, this medium chamber design provides the tight, powerful, projection that so many greats have employed over the years. It is even throughout the registers and has a fine balance of brightness and warmth making it suitable for many types of playing.

This model has instantly become one of our top selling pieces and is available in the classic Black (most vibrant) as well as Black and Green or Black and Red marbled ebonite which aids in producing a slightly warmer sound.

Each mouthpiece is hand-finished and signed, sand blasted and polished on the outside and comes with a cap and ligature.

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7 Black, 8 Black, 7* Black, 7 Red/Black Marbled, 7* Blue/Black Marbled, 8 Blue/Black Marbled, 8 Green/Black Marbled, 7* Green/Black Marbled