Ted Klum | FocusTone Tonamax Hard Rubber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece




After years of success of the Acoustimer lines, Ted Klum is introducing the Tonamax HR – our first hard rubber mouthpiece. These pieces use the original FocusTone Acoustimer geometry as a launching point, but are machined from solid bar stock of the finest quality hard rubber in the world from Germany.

The goal of the Tonamax line is to appeal to the customer who wants something even more custom. Every Tonamax is completely handfinished from the exterior, chamber throat, baffle shape and profile, curve, table and of course the signature thin tip rail that TK is known for around the world. The key here being the extra chamber work necessary to bring out the voice of each machined blank. Customers will also notice a revised beak shape and angle that many players have gotten used to and prefer. The response on the Tonamax models is very quick, possessing a THICK SOUND with great core presence in the sound with loads of warmth. Customers looking for more focus and projection will prefer the Tonamax line.

The Tonamax is machined from solid bar stock using the same medium chamber core geometry as our Focustone Acoustimer and then hand finished. Specifically, the hand finishing includes removal of machining marks and polishing of the baffle, side walls, and chamber as well as refining the tip rail, side rails, table and beak. Final polishing is followed by strict measuring, final adjustment, play testing, signing, and packaging.

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7 Black, 8 Black, 7* Black, 8* Black, 7* Red Marbled, 8* Red/Marbled