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GapCap® won “Outstanding Product” designation from The Saxophonist Magazine, it’s a great idea which will help you look after your saxophone and potentially save you on repair costs in addition.

Many end caps do not fit securely both in the sax and for the instrument to be secure in the sax case. Don’t risk your saxophone with loose fitting, GapCap® flexes to fit your sax perfectly, screw adjusts to fit your case, shock absorbs impact, and vents air through the top and side for a cleaner saxophone and longer pad life.

Spring wall design flexes to fit the neck socket of all saxophone brands.

Flex spring wall serves as a shock absorber to decrease impact that can break your sax.

Instantly fix a loose fitting sax case by expanding the GapCap® screw, securing your horn to help prevent bent keys, a bent sax body, and costly repair.

Use the optional Lock Nut included to hold your favorite position.

GapCap® vents through the center and side to allow massive airflow into the saxophone body tube. A proven way to keep the saxophone cleaner and help pads last longer.

Ditch your old sax end plug and go with a GapCap® to flex, expand, vent and protect your saxophone. Also available in a premium finish silver or gold for that personalised custom look.

  • Flex wall spring fits the sax perfectly
  • Shock absorber protects from impact
  • Vented at top and side to air dry the sax and pads
  • Expanding end cap to fit any sax case
  • Octave key protection like nothing else


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