Vandoren | German/Austrian Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece




Designed for German and Austrian players. Available in three openings, the D Series is the German system standard reference. Its new design meets all acoustic expectations. German Clarinet Mouthpieces

D2 A rich, centered and compact sound; the standard reference.
D4 Medium-open mouthpiece with the qualities of the D2 model. An excellent compromise between richness of sound and projection.
D6 An innovative facing design which allows the use of WM reeds, as well as V•12 and 56 reeds. Large and warm sound, in full conformity with the German tradition.

Austrian clarinet mouthpieces

VA0 A very closed mouthpiece.
VA5 Versatile and easy blowing, the standard reference.

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D2 – CM3822, D4 – CM3824, VA0, VA5 – CM395, D6 – CM3826