Glotin | Gouged, Shaped & Profiled Bassoon Cane (profile 02 – 120mm)




Glotin bassoon cane is an ideal cane for beginner reed
makers as well as the more experienced.

The gouged shaped and profiled cane is finished to a high
degree and requires only minimal scraping once assembled to provide you with a
working reed. This cane is ideal if you only have minimal tools but want to
make reeds and produce consistently reliable results.

GSP cane is available in three thicknesses, soft (SI),
medium (MI) and hard (HI)

Glotin cane is available from Howarth in 02 and 03 profiles.
02 is usually the most popular and is designed for use with German system
bassoons. 03 is intended for use with French Bassoons but is also often used on
German instruments.

All are stocked in standard length (120mm) as well as some
stock in 112mm. Longer 128mm 03 cane can be ordered to special order, please
contact us if you wish to do this.

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[Bundle of 10] SI, [Bundle of 10] MI, [Bundle of 10] HI, [Single] SI, [Single] MI, [Single] HI