Vandoren | Green Java Tenor Saxophone Reeds | SR27




Vandoren Green Java Tenor Saxophone Reeds were developed in 1983 for jazz and pop music.

A thicker tip and a more flexible palette than the Traditional reed allow vibration over a larger surface area with maximum elasticity. This type of vertebral column gives the musician much greater playing flexibility, as the resultant elasticity zone is very large.

JAVA reeds are more flexible than Traditionals and V16s and vibrate on a long palette which creates their particularly bright sound with immediate response.

Green Java Reeds are unfiled which helps produce a more powerful tone.
Red Java Reeds have a filed cut which allows for extra flexibility and
an even faster response.

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[Box of 5] Strength 1.5, [Box of 5] Strength 2, [Box of 5] Strength 2.5, [Box of 5] Strength 3, [Box of 5] Strength 3.5, [Box of 5] Strength 4, [Single] Strength 1.5, [Single] Strength 2, [Single] Strength 2.5, [Single] Strength 3, [Single] Strength 3.5, [Single] Strength 4