Buffet Crampon | ICON Bb/A Clarinet Barrel




Like the Moennig and Chadash barrels, the ICON has a inverse conical bore, but the outer shape has been refined to give the barrel its unique and distinctive style. 
The ICON has benefitted from years of acoustical research carried out by Buffet Crampon. The barrel improves responsiveness, increases projection, and aids definition in articulation. 
In addition, the conical bore improves intonation of twelfths which can sometimes be problematic, depending on the balance of mouthpiece and reeds. 
The different finishes of metal rings influence the sonority and feel of the clarinet.
  • Gold: produces more high harmonics and timbre
  • Silver: frees up and rounds out the sound
  • Nickel Silver: stands halfway between the two, producing a more compact effect.
  • Made of grenadilla wood
  • Silver plated rings
  • Lengths: 64mm, 65mm, 66mm, and 67mm
  • Suitable for Bb and A clarinet

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64mm Silver Ring, 65mm Silver Ring, 66mm Silver Ring, 64mm Nickel Silver Ring, 65mm Nickel Silver Ring, 66mm Nickel Silver Ring, 64mm Gold Ring, 65mm Gold Ring, 66mm Gold Ring, 67mm Gold Ring, 67mm Silver Ring, 67mm Nickel Silver Ring

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