Aizen | Jazz Master Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece




A true gem that combines modern playability with the smokey sound of the Golden Age of Jazz.

A low baffle, medium large chamber and delicately-crafted tip rail, with a lot of buzz. A big, husky, dark sound let’s call it the ideal in vintage. And with all the playability that you find in today’s mouthpieces, this is a piece that offers outstanding performance. It has quick response even with a slight amount of air, and the Aizen Jazz Master can hold its own just as well in a modern ensemble setting.

Like all Aizen mouthpieces, the Jazz Master is handmade from unique ebonite, and features a low rollover baffle as well as a larger chamber when compared to the Aizen NY model. This aids in providing the lush, rich tone throughout the range of the Saxophone.

Additional information

Weight N/A


5, 6, 7

Instrument Condition (Do not use)