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The jFlute is a plastic flute designed for the very young beginner.

The body of the flute has a reduced version of the mechanism on a standard metal flute, missing only the low C and C#, so plays chromatically down to D. . The latest version has a ‘Donut’ head joint and a mini foot joint; the Donut headjoint makes the instrument more manageable for smaller hands, reducing the stretch while keeping the embouchure in line with the body of the instrument. It has an offset G and detachable left-hand key extensions.
The jFlute weighs 225g.
The jFlute is supplied with a ‘Firstnote’ clip-on lip plate to allow beginners to get a good sound instantly. It comes in a lightweight case with a cleaning stick, pull through cloth and o-ring grease.

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Black with Steel Collar, White with Blue Trim, White with Green Trim, White with Pink Trim

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