Vandoren | LC01P Optimum Bb Clarinet Ligature with Plastic Cap


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The Vandoren Optimum ligature features a symmetrical double-track screw mechanism for quick and efficient tightening.
The ligature comes with three interchangeable pressure plates to adjust the sound. Whether playing classical or jazz, the Optimum ligature’s three plates can accommodate your style:
Plate 1: Rich and colourful sound with full resonance. This plate maintains pressure along the fibre of the reed and generates incredible ease of articulation.
Plate 2: A more compact and centred tone with two contact points, similar to the M/O ligature.
Plate 3: This plate holds the least contact, allowing the reed to vibrate with total freedom, producing a very flexible sound.

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SKU 2100000021154
Weight 60 g
Dimensions 135 × 50 × 50 cm