SR Technologies | Legend Hard Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece




The SR Technologies’ Alto Legend Hard Rubber mouthpiece is patterned after their very successful polycarbonate model of the same name, and computer machined from the finest German hard rubber. This mouthpiece is their own interpretation of classic “New York” Alto mouthpieces, such as the Meyer NY, that are so highly praised, and desirable today. SR Technologies’s special design of tip, table, rails, baffle and chamber, combined with the latest computer aided manufacturing techniques, produce a mouthpiece with tremendous reproducibility, darkness, core and power. This enables the saxophonist to perform diverse styles of music with beauty and finesse.
The SR Technologies Alto Legend Hard Rubber mouthpiece is available in a 0.076 inch tip opening or a 0.085 inch tip opening. Both of which are  supplied complete with Rovner ligature and cap.
SR Technologies Mouthpieces are designed to meet the most exacting performance demands of contemporary saxophonists. They are made by a computer controlled mill to a tolerance of 0.0001 inches. None of the critical dimensions are cut by hand. This creates a uniformity of product unachievable in mouthpieces which are finished with handwork.  A 21st century manufacturing technique which responds beautifully in all registers of the saxophone.

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Legend, Legend 85