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The Schreiber S16 is an excellent German bassoon, perfect for any students or more advanced bassoonists. It has excellent intonation and a wonderful sound that enables those who play it the best opportunity for further development in their playing.
Main product description
The Schreiber S16 is an excellent bassoon, made in Germany, that is extremely popular for student bassoonists. It is commonly seen amongst schools around the world and is popular for those looking to purchase their first bassoon.
The instrument is made from alpine maple that has been matured over ten years, finished with a polished, polyurethane varnish. The finish is transparent, which allows the natural beauty of the instrument to come through, but also durable, due to the 13 layers that are routinely applied. All the socket liners in the boot joint are made of brass, which prevents chipping and cracking, and offers durable stability. The tenon caps of the wing and long joints are made of metal to prevent cracking and damage. A special epoxy resin lining in the wing and round to the Ab tone hole in the boot joint resists moisture induced wood rot. Hard rubber finger hole inserts protrude into the bore to prevent build-up of moisture.
The S16 features a standard 25 key set up, including a high-D key, double C-touch piece and whisper key lock for the left hand, as well as  4 rollers from F to Ab for the right hand thumb, and C# to Eb for the left hand little finger. All of the key work is silver-plated.
Howarth supplies all Schreiber bassoons with a durable and attractive case with a cordura cover, an option to wear as a backpack, a sheet music and an accessories compartment, a shoulder harness, silk pull-throughs, La Tromba cork grease, a reed box for four reeds and two hand-hammered, silver-plated nickel KER crooks, lengths 1 and 2.

  • 10-year matured alpine maple
  • Durable polished, polyurethane transparent varnish
  • Boot joint socket liners made of brass to prevent chipping and cracking and offer durable stability
  • Wing and long joint tenon caps are metal to prevent cracking and damage
  • Epoxy resin lining in the wing and boot joint resists moisture induced wood rot
  • Hard rubber finger hole inserts protrude into the bore to prevent build-up of moisture
  • Standard 25 key silver plated nickel keys
  • 4 rollers
  • Supplied with two KER crooks, lengths 1 and 2
  • Supplied in a durable case with a cordura cover
About maker
The Schreiber company was founded in 1946 by Wenzel Schreiber and his sons Hugo and Ernst. Originally the company was largely a repair shop but in 1951 the company started to manufacture woodwind instruments and thus started their long tradition in making bassoons. Originally the company was based in Nauheim, but since the company was taken over by Buffet Crampon in 2010, the instruments are now manufactured in Markneukirchen near the border of the Czech Republic.

This instrument comes with a 1 Year Warranty from Howarth of London, and a free 'Guarantee Checkover' from our Repair Workshop before the warranty expires.

Additional information

Weight 7500 g

Standard instrument, Ex demo



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