Peter Leuthner | ‘Professional’ French Cut Bb Clarinet Reeds




The Peter Leuthner ‘Professional’ French Cut reeds are distinguished by their  full and warm sound in all registers and their excellent playability and response. The carefully crafted reed tip area ensures superb tonal quality with excellent playability and response.
These reeds are comparable to the Vandoren V12 and Rue Lepic both in cut and strength.
Available in strengths 2 to 4.5.

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[Box of 10] Strength 2.5, [Box of 10] Strength 3, [Box of 10] Strength 3.5, [Box of 10] Strength 4, [Box of 10] Strength 4.5, [Single] Strength 2.5, [Single] Strength 3, [Single] Strength 3.5, [Single] Strength 4, [Single] Strength 4.5

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