Selmer Paris | Reeds for Bb Clarinet




Selmer Paris returns to its roots by relaunching the production of reeds for clarinet and saxophone, the first activity of founder Henri Selmer back in 1885. Building on the recent product developments of clarinets, saxophones and mouthpieces, the Selmer teams are extremely proud and happy to unveil their new range of reeds!


These new ranges of reeds are carefully crafted from organically sourced cane and combine musical performance with environmental responsibility. Selmer have crafted a new reed profile, that offers a distinctive acoustic signature, characterised by exceptional density, roundness, and warmth.


These reeds are supplied in quarter strengths, offering the player a greater precision when choosing their ideal strength.


All of the packaging of these reeds is sourced from recycled, and eco-friendly materials, minimising the environmental footprint of production. All components required in this manufacture are of French origin.


Each pack of reeds is available in quarter strengths, from Strength 2 to 4.

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[Box of 10] Strength 3.5, [Box of 10] Strength 3.25, [Box of 10] Strength 2, [Box of 10] Strength 2.5, [Box of 10] Strength 2.75, [Box of 10] Strength 3