Howarth | S40C Semi-Automatic System Cor Anglais




The Howarth S40C Cor Anglais is our graduate model cor anglais and is suitable for advanced students and professionals alike.

The S40 has a conservatoire keywork system. It has keys for almost every trill and produces a rich, mellow tone. An ideal instrument for the advanced player, this cor anglais is excellent value for money.
Features of this instrument include:
  • Full conservatoire system
  • Metal-tipped tenons with lined tenon sockets
  • Right hand C-D trill
    Ab/Bb, Ab/A and lowC/C# trills
  • 3rd Octave key fitted as standard
  • Left hand F fitted as standard
It is supplied in a single case with one crook and accessories. Other cases are available as cost options.

Additional information

Weight N/A


All wood body, Part-lined top joint (VT), Synthetic Top Joint


Instrument Level