Selmer Paris | S90 Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece




The Selmer Paris S90 Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece can be considered the universal mouthpiece. Producing a very direct, homogeneous sound with great flexibility and suppleness, this balanced mouthpiece will meet the needs of both students and professionals alike. An efficient and responsive mouthpiece, it produces excellent high notes.

Being stable and reliable, the S90 is naturally appropriate for all types of music: classical, contemporary, jazz, pop and so on. It has become the gold standard for Saxophone mouthpieces and for good reason. The unprecedented consistency in quality, their playability, and most importantly their unrivalled tone. You will find that in each mouthpiece series is the characteristic Selmer Paris sound-beautifully warm and sculpted with a sweet centre. Articulation is easier, dynamic range is increased, and maximum expression is allowed on these incredibly stable mouthpieces. There is a Selmer Paris mouthpiece for every type of playing situation.

S90 Alto Saxophone mouthpiece tip openings:

170 = 1.35mm

180 = 1.45mm

190 = 1.55mm

200 = 1.65mm


  • Hard Rubber
  • Classic soft sound
  • Easy response
  • Homogeneous sound in all registers
  • Easily manageable intonation


Additional information

Weight N/A


170, 180, 190, 200