Selmer Paris | Soloist Rubber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece




The Selmer Paris Solist Rubber Mouthpiece is directly inspired by the legendary Soloist model that was made during the 40s and 50s. The Soloist embodies all the qualities which originally made it so successful: a rich, easily modulated sound that remains centred, homogeneous and warm across the spectrum of playing styles. It delivers a high degree of accuracy, particularly in the attack of the low notes and on the highest notes. The Soloist is precision tooled from a hard rubber bar, its chamber offers a nice direct volume. A warm, centered sound to play both Jazz and classical repertoire.
With its design inspired by that era of mouthpiece, one can certainly create a tone reminiscent of the golden age of jazz! The chamber is horseshoe shaped and small in size, which helps to create a well-centred, focused and rounded sound. The tone was full and consistent throughout the dynamic range of the sax. This is a mouthpiece that brings with it great versatility, one that could be used for classical concerts or for the lush sounds of a big band sax section.
Tenor Saxophone Tip Openings
  • C* = 1.90mm
  • C**=2.00mm
  • D=2.10mm
  • E=2.20mm
  • F=2.30mm
  • Made in Paris, France
  • Produced from high quality ebonite
  • Suitable for classical style repertoire, grade playing and concert bands
  • C* opening is most popular due to ease of control and tone production

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C*, C**, D, E, F