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This is an updated edition of Francis Poulenc ‘s 1962 work Sonata For Oboe And Piano , edited by Millan Sachania.
Featuring the full score and a separate Oboe part, this exclusive edition also includes a download card, giving you instant online access to demonstration and accompaniment tracks.
Originally completed in 1962, Poulenc ‘s Sonata For Oboe And Piano  had been brewing in his mind for at least five years. The last of Poulenc ‘s trio of sonatas for woodwind instruments, he tragically passed away before it could be definitively engraved, leaving behind a work with a number of ambiguous notational marks that resulted in an incomplete first edition, published posthumously.
A number of revisions have taken place, but this, expertly edited by Millan Sachania, aims to provide a playable, legible, precise and authoritative score that reflect Poulenc ‘s intentions most closely. This new edition revises many minor details, including Piano chords, tied notes, the correction of various bars throughout as well as his crescendos during the third movement.
At all points, Sachania has aimed to reproduce an authoritative and accurate score that is at once playable and a reflection of what Poulenc himself may have intended. This is a most exciting prospect considering the reputation that this work has garnered as a piece of profound poignancy. Dedicated to Sergey Prokofiev, it has been said that the mournful final movement, Déploration, is something of an obituary.
Professionally-recorded by renowned oboist Christopher Cowie and pianist Huw Watkins, the demonstration track allows you to hear exactly how the piece as a whole should sound, before the independent Piano-only track lets you take the place of the Oboe in your very own performance.
This is a unique opportunity for oboists to learn from an authoritative source.

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