Ted Klum | Yardbird Brass Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece




The Ted Klum Yardbird Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece is now fully available for purchase in tip openings 6, 7 and 8! Although not making it to full production by the 100th anniversary of the birth of Charlie Parker as Ted Klum had hoped, they are finally in full circulation. This has been the most difficult and most important mouthpiece he belives he has developed. “I have been chasing aspects of, or my version of this sound for well over 40 years with very limited success! It is difficult to try to convey with words how important Bird is to me musically but to quote him from his tv appearance “Music speaks louder than words” and although he set the bar so very high, those of us who love his music pay tribute to him every time we play! It is my hope that this piece will help and even inspire those who love Bird as I do to strive to reach even closer to the spirit and sound he blessed us with. A very special thanks to Jesse Davis and John Bowes for their generosity in providing the original London Selmer pieces for the design inspiration.” – Ted Klum. This is a sincere effort of creating a piece that offers a sound closer than anything available to the Bell metal brass cast London Selmer which Charlie Parker played from late ‘49 on and has all the elements of power, cut, warmth, and that full, dark, Tenor-like woodiness that we all love!
This mouthpiece now includes a ligature as well. For the ultimate experience, we highly recommend the Marc Jean Ligature II!

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7, 6, 5

Instrument Condition (Do not use)