Vandoren 13 Series Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece : 5RV | CM4018

Created in the early thirties by Robert Van Doren, the 5RV is a longstanding favourite mouthpiece across many professional players.

The 5RV supports clear and flexible articulation while allowing a round and full sound. A well-balanced mouthpiece with ease of control.

Vandoren has designed the 13 series range specifically for those clarinettists in need of a A440 pitched mouthpiece. All the 13 series mouthpieces also come with the Profile 88 beak, which refers to the shape of the beak of the mouthpiece giving to the player a more comforting mouth position. In comparison with the traditional mouthpiece, the Profile 88 has a longer beak and smother shaped transition to the chamber.


  • Hard Rubber
  • Tip opening 1/100mm: 106.5
  • Facing: Medium-short
  • A = 440Hz
  • Ligature and cap not included


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£100.00( If bought from United Kingdom )