Vandoren | Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece




The musician is able to choose the model which suits their purpose in terms of best playing position, easiest sound emission, greatest playing comfort and the most controllable and precise articulation.
B44: Validated by musicians, indisputably the best.
B45: Same sound qualities as the B44 with a larger tip opening. Very responsive.
B40: With the same technical specifications as the B45, its wider tip rail offers a compact and centered sound.
B46: Produces a powerful sound. A favorite of jazz musicians.
B50: Produces a rich and velvety sound, even in the upper register.
Other comparable mouthpieces in this range are: Lomax, Grabner, Zinner French style, Fobes & Selmer.

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B44 – CM342, B45 – CM344, B40 – CM343, B46 – CM345, B50 – CM346