Lorée | Bass Oboe Model n+3 with Thumbplate


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The Lorée Bass Oboe is a professional model instrument with a Lorée thumbplate.
A more unusual member of the oboe family, the bass oboe is a deep sonorous instrument occasionally used in orchestral playing.
Founded in 1881, F. Lorée are one of the oldest specialist oboe
manufacturing firms. They have a long established reputation for
developing and manufacturing fine professional instruments in their
French factory.
  • Made from Grenadilla wood (dalbergia melanoxylon)
  • Silver plated keywork
  • Conservatoire with thumbplate converting to dual system
  • 3rd octave key
  • Semi-automatic octaves
  • C to D trill keys x 2 (lower and upper)
  • C to C# trill key
  • Forked F vent
  • Ab to Bb and Ab to A trill keys
  • Low C to C# trill key (“Banana key”)
  • Eb to E trill key
  • Articulated C# mechanism
  • Left hand F key
  • Supplied with 2 silver plated crooks
  • Instrument is supplied in a case with a case cover
The instrument is available with a low Bb extension to special order. Please enquire for further details and costs.

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