Fox | Bassoon Crook R2




Fox have just released the B, T and new style C bocals. The R2 series will be available whilst stocks last at a special  price! No further reductions!
Fox crooks come in length 0-4 and are generally made in a silver plated finish, although Nickel and gold plate can be made to special order. The base material is nickel silver, but brass can be made to special order. 
All types of Fox crook come in 4 models: 
  • CTX – Thin walled, excellent upper register 
  • CVX – Thick walled, excellent higher register 
  • CTC – Thin walled, excellent lower register 
  • CVC – Thick walled, excellent lower register 
The double * version of these crooks is a redesign of the original crooks, with a revised bore. Generally these crooks have an improved response over the older models, although the non * models are still worth trying especially on student instruments, and are often readily available second hand.

The current model of double * has been the ‘R’ model which has been available since late 2010. This model is now standard with all new Fox bassoons.

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*DELETED* – *CTC*2 R2, *CTC*1 R2, *CVC*1 R2, *DELETED* – *CVX*2 R2, *CVC*3 R2, *CTX*1 R2