10mfan | CABERNET Rubber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece






This mouthpiece was designed for a killer straight ahead classic tenor sound, with lots of warmth, really good power, nice resistance to push against, and FOCUS. But, it can also be used for pop music which is blowing everyone’s minds right now, because the baffle is low and people don’t understand how I could make a piece that could do this with this design.
That’s what making innovative original designs is all about!!! Because of that focus, the intonation is locked in. If you want less resistance, just go to a softer reed.
Think Bob Berg, Pharoah Sanders, Coltrane, focus! It’s incredibly heart-warming to be able to put out this piece because it is so different from all my 10MFAN hard rubber mouthpieces. This piece will have more focus like a vintage metal Link…. and for me, more power and body available.

There are lots of fat sounding tenor pieces out there, and my hard rubber 10MFAN mouthpieces certainly fit in that category, but I’ve been asked by many players over the years to put out something that has much more focus, where the sound stays right in front of the player,  and doesn’t get spread…..but still with a really big sound available when you want it!

So here it is!!!!!

This is a very resonant 3-D tenor mouthpiece.

The Cabernet has resonance, fullness, focus, and  power. It won’t be as wide sounding as a Slant or a Reso Chamber, because that’s NOT what I wanted here. I wanted more focus with this piece, but also really good power. This is different from anything I’ve put out, and I’m very excited about it. This piece has a low rollover baffle that allows for so much beauty in the sound, but still with plenty of presence and  sparkle to carry that beautiful, rich classic tenor sound.

The vintage Link players who wish their sound had more focus to it rather than spread, will LOVE this piece. This mouthpiece is going to please players who are using a whole TON of different straight ahead tenor mouthpieces. This piece just KILLS! Check out the videos that continue to come in, that 10mfan regularly putsup on his website. You can hear for yourself how the piece sounds.

The most fun part is that all of these 3-D pieces will be different designs than my German barstock hard rubber designs. It just allows me to try so many new and exciting ideas I’ve wanted to experiment with. We have the technology and ability today to go beyond vintage designs with current mouthpiece making. I will continue with that commitment with my 3-D technology Octagon Series mouthpieces. The nice thing is, with different designs. I can adjust the size of the chamber accordingly. When I make a fatter, sounding alto and tenor mouthpiece, the size of the octagon chamber will increase.


Tenor tip openings:

6* – .095, 7 – .100, 7* – .105, 8 – .110, 8* – .115, 9* – .125

Additional information

Weight N/A

7*, 8, 6*, 7




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