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French oboist, Henri Brod (1799-1839) was a performer, composer and instrument builder during the early Romantic era.
Considered a virtuoso, Brod ‘s compilation, Studies and Sonatas for Oboe is very well-informed. Brod introduced his own innovations in Oboe design and playing techniques, both which are still used to this day.
The first volume of Studies and Sonatas for Oboe comprises 40 easy studies and 6 progressive sonatas for beginner to intermediate level oboists. These are in a variety of keys and address features, including different rhythms, scales, breath control, phrasing, articulation, ornamentation, accidentals, simple and compound time signatures, range, performance directions, and dynamics, among other aspects.
Brod ‘s wealth of experience and expertise which enabled the composition of Studies and Sonatas for Oboe make it an essential purchase for aspiring players of the instrument.

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